About Me

Hi my name is Tim. I was born and raised in the Fraser Valley. I am a student at Vancouver Community College taking the in the Provincial instructors diploma program. I am currently a Red seal Automotive technician working in the Fraser Valley but I plan to in the future move into a position in training the next generation of technicians. I am married to my wonderful wife and we are expecting our first child this June.

I have always enjoyed the automotive field and teaching has always been something I’ve wanted to do so this program is the natural next step in moving forward in my career.

So far I’ve completed 3100, 3210, 3240 and 3250 I am just starting into 3260. In some ways I feel like I’m a bit of the odd one out in this program. Many of the other students talk about their experience in teaching so far and are using this program to improve themselves. I on the other hand am still in my 20’s and have no formal teaching experience but that is what I would like to move into in the future.